In general terms, it is expected that the professional trained by the PPGSP be based on the principles of professional ethics, respect for scientific rigor and fundamental critical sense to the scientist. Graduates are expected to be able to develop their professional activities with independence, responsibility, creativity and diligence, contributing to the production of basic and applied scientific knowledge and to the training of human resources at a higher level. The characteristics that PPGSP students are expected to exhibit at the end of the course are those of professionals with a solid theoretical background in the area of ​​concentration of the Program, with mastery of the best practices and methodologies for conducting basic research and with the necessary skills to the transmission of knowledge, whether in the form of qualified scientific communications or by the formation of human resources. The professionals trained by the Program must demonstrate the capacity to act in the areas of basic research in Public Security, from academic research activities, acting companies, research institutes and governmental and non-governmental bodies related to public safety studies. It is also expected that the egress will be able to communicate the results of their work through oral presentations and impact publications, as well as being able to teach at a higher level in areas related to public safety. The graduates of the PPGSP are already in their great majority inserted in the labor market in several governmental organs linked to public security. A small portion of PPGSP graduates have continued their studies in Doctoral courses.



Amanda Ferreira Rocha (2017 Class)

Ariane Lilian Lima dos Santos Melo Rodrigues (2017 Class)

Carmelita da Cunha Alfaia (2017 Class)

Dayse do Socorro Borges da Fonseca (2017 Class)

Diego Alex Matos Martins (2017 Class)

Erika Natalie Pereira Miralha Duarte (2017 Class)

Eugênia Andréa Rebêlo de Andrade Trindade (2017 Class)

Leandro André Teixeira de Oliveira (2017 Class)

Luciléa da Silva Santos (2017 Class)

Luiz Augusto Mota Nunes de Carvalho (2017 Class)

Mayka Caroline Martins da Cunha (2017 Class)

Renata Valeria Pinto Cardoso Lisboa (2017 Class)

Rosilene Maria Lopes Gomes (2017 Class)

Thiciane Pantoja Maia (2017 Class)

Victoria di Paula Moraes Magno (2017 Class)



Carlos Stilianidi Garcia (2016 Class)

Cíntia Walker Beltrão da Silva (2016 Class)

Herick Wendell Antonio José Gomes (2016 Class)

Julita Paes Barreto dos Santos Chaves (2016 Class)

Mayara Roberta Araújo Rocha (2016 Class) 

Michele Maria Brito da Ponte Souza (2016 Class)

Renata Almeida Danin (2017 Class)

Roberto Magno Reis Netto (2016 Class)

Samara Viana Costa (2016 Class)



Abedolins Corrêa Xavier (2016 Class)

Adriano Roberto de Souza Ferreira (2015 Class)

Alexandra Bernardes Galdez de Andrade (2016 Class)

Alessandro Sobral Farias (2015 Class)

Brenno Morais Miranda (2015 Class)

Elizabeth Cristina da Silva Feitosa (2015 Class)

Gruchenhka Oliveira Batista Freire (2015 Class)

Ilca Patrícia Caldas Cardoso (2015 Class)

José Carlos de Araújo Neto (2015 Class)

Leidiene Souza de Almeida (2015 Class)

Miguel Angelo Sousa Correa (2015 Class)

Regina Ferreira Lobato (2016 Class)

Renata dos Santos Alencar (2015 Class)

Tatiane da Silva Rodrigues Tolosa (2015 Class)



Albernando Monteiro da Silva (2014 Class)

Alyne Giselle Camelo Louzeiro (2013 Class)

Amaury Suzart Farias da Silva (2014 Class)

Andrelina da Luz Dias (2014 Class)

Angélica Varela de Lima (2014 Class)

Carlos André Viana da Costa (2014 Class)

Cesar Luiz Vieira (2013 Class)

Flávia Siqueira Corrêa (2014 Class)

Isabella Fonseca Torres Vilaça (2014 Class)

Kelly Serejo Fonseca (2014 Class)

Luana Andressa Freitas Ribeiro Peres (2014 Class)

Marcos Miléo Brasil (2014 Class)

Maria José Santa Maria Moraes (2013 Class)

Nadiana Cavaleiro de Macedo Dahas Jorge (2013 Class)

Raimundo Roberto Santos França (2013 Class)

Silvia Regina Klautau Miléo (2014 Class)

Tainah Sousa Do Nascimento (2014 Class)



Alberto Cesar Beltrão Pamplona (2012 Class)

Auricélia Costa de Aguiar Silva (2013 Class)

Beatriz de Oliveira da Silveira (2013 Class)

Bragmar Dias dos Santos (2012 Class)

Cesar Mauricio de Abreu Mello (2013 Class)

Edimar Marcelo Coelho Costa (2013 Class)

Francisco Celso de Lima Machado (2012 Class)

Jean Carvalho Correa (2012 Class)

José Dilson Melo de Souza Junior (2012 Class)

José Eduardo Rôllo da Silva (2012 Class)

José Vicente Braga da Silva (2013 Class)

Leomar Narzila Maués Pereira (2012 Class)

Lucidéa Santos Cavalcante (2013 Class)

Margarethe de Freitas Correa (2012 Class)

Nara Cristina Moura Pessoa (2012 Class)

Paulo Eduardo Vaz Bentes (2012 Class)

Sandro Mendes Leal da Silva (2012 Class)

Vicente de Paulo da Conceição Costa (2012 Class)



Elson Luiz Brito da Silva (2012 Class)

Jumara de Moraes Cardoso do Nascimento (2011 Class)

Soliane Fernandes Guimarães (2012 Class)



Antonio Roberto Santos Junior (2011 Class)

Cibele Rocha Amaro (2011 Class)

Héldson Tomaso Pereira de Lima (2011 Class)

Henrique Antonio Monteiro Lopes (2011 Class)

Irlando Ricardo Monteiro Lopes (2011 Class)

João Francisco Garcia Reis (2011 Class)

Karine Braga Soares (2011 Class)

Marco Antonio Rocha dos Remédios (2011 Class)

Maria Betânia Moraes Lisboa (2011 Class)

Maria Goreti Góes da Silva (2011 Class)

Máurea Mendes Leite (2011 Class)

Monique Kelly Tavares Gomes (2011 Class)

Roberto Silva da Silveira Junior (2011 Class)